We are Cox & Plant and we make food processing equipment.

Though we specialise in vibratory conveyor systems, we can sort you out with a complete solution. We can design and install everything you need to move your food products through your factories – safely, efficiently, and in the sort of volumes you probably didn’t think were possible. And we can do all this while significantly reducing your running costs. So you can expect a return on your investment in no time at all.

Let Us Tell You about Our Values

  • Restless Momentum – We believe that our job is never done; there is always more that we can do to meet the expectations of our customers. We constantly seek to improve on everything we do.
  • Rigourous Analysis – We never take anything for granted and assume that we know all the answers. We always keep an open mind. Our analysis of the task and our attention to detail ensures that everything that we do is robust, scalable and the ‘best’.
  • Refreshing Ideas – We do things differently. We strive to stretch our thinking to surpass expectations and push the boundaries.
  • Real People – We are real ‘Black Country’ people and we thrive on building strong relationships with our customers. We enjoy what we do and why we do it – to co-exist alongside our customers.


Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.