Contact Surfaces

The Situation

We investigated the use of alternative contact surfaces for the movement of fresh poultry.

The Challenge

The fresh poultry sector is plagued by numerous hygiene problems. Traditional conveyor belts are difficult to clean and have a tendency to harbour multiple strains of harmful bacteria.

The Solution

We developed a new serrated edge stainless steel vibratory conveyor. This sharks tooth system ensures the smooth conveying of fresh poultry, while the stainless steel contact surface eradicates the numerous hygiene problems.

Campylobacter, e-coli, and listeria are just three of the many strains of bacteria that have threatened the fresh poultry industry for decades. Our stainless steel vibratory conveyors singularly eliminate this historic challenge while simultaneously boosting productivity. They allow for a higher throughput while avoiding the pyramid effect that can occur on a standard conveyor belt.

The Results

Every fresh poultry production line that uses our system can be easily and quickly swabbed to a zero bug count.

The serrated edge conveyors are very low maintenance, so the monthly strip down and rebuild time is no longer necessary. This allows for longer running times with a larger throughput, with correspondingly lower running costs.

Thanks to the improved efficiency and the low cost of ownership, any fresh poultry specialist that invests in our system receives a rapid ROI.

Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.