Dryer Solutions

The Situation

A pasta specialist needed a means of evenly feeding a drying tunnel to maximise the drying area potential.

The Challenge

This pasta manufacturer was fast approaching crisis point. Product spoilage was high and process efficiency was running at an unsustainable 49%.

Their pasta drying process was causing far too many products to weld together. As only a single dried product is acceptable, far too much product was simply unfit for purpose.

The Solution

We devised a system capable of presenting a near mono layer of product. This enables the drying tunnel to work at its most efficient. It minimises energy requirements while still ensuring a 100% single dried product.

Our solution was to introduce a two stage vibratory conveyor system. This regulates the flow of product on the line while ensuring an even distribution on the dryer belt.

The Results

Every section of the product is dried individually. This ensures a consistently accurate dried product with no doubles, triples or multiples.

As a result, the pasta manufacturer’s process efficiency was boosted from 49% to 95%.

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