Fresh Laning Solution

The Situation

A fresh meat specialist wanted to achieve outstanding hygiene standards with minimal operator intervention, minimal spoilage, and with the ability to pack off on separate lines.

The Challenge

For a long time, conveying a product like fresh sausages has been impossible on vibratory laning system.

Though frozen sausage products align with relative ease, fresh sausages are very easily damaged. Their skin can tear, which can cause unhygienic smearing on the lines.

Even getting these products to move is more than most systems can handle.

The Solution

We refined the frozen laning concept.

Through smoothing and rounding all the transition points, we eradicated the possibility of tearing. In this way, we singularly addressed both the hygiene issues and the spoilage issues.

The Results

We achieved a consistently accurate uniform discharge of the fresh product to the packing station.

There’s no smear adhesion, ¬†which vastly improves the quality of the final product offering.

Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.