Glazing Revenue Stream

The Challenge

The appearance of frost on frozen food can be enough to put some people off. And when they’re shipped with a solid inch of frozen particles, frozen products can be difficult to open and hard to handle.

Frost can also give frozen products a tired and pale look. This can make customers feel like they’re getting an inferior product – even when this isn’t the case.

The Objective

To devise a system capable of adding a set amount of glaze to the product. Glaze can increase the product’s freezer life while giving it a fresher, brighter, and more premium appearance – all while preventing the build up of frost.

The Solution

We developed a glazing spray rig that sprays water directly onto the product stream. This can either be done from above, from below, or both.

Our glazing system is capable of applying the exact percentage of glaze to products. Depending on the product this can vary from 1% to 40%.

The Results

Without costing too much to run, our advanced glazing systems create a more aesthetically appealing product.

Water is generally a low cost commodity. So while the running costs remain low, the sales tend to increase dramatically.

As a result, one of our clients received a full ROI in just nine weeks.

Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.