Gravametric Flavouring Systems

The Situation

A leading snack food specialist needed a production line that could guarantee consistent and accurate flavouring across their range.

The Problem

Traditional volumetric flavouring system can produce inconsistent flavouring, a major cause of customer complaints in the snack food industry.

One bad batch can cause lasting damage to the reputation of any business. Consistency isn’t just key. It’s critical.

The Solution

We devised a new feed system capable of accurately weighing and controlling the output of variable products either continuously or as a batch to an accuracy of +/-0.25% to +/- 1%.

This system allows the line to run normally with all the peaks and troughs that are expected in a batch production system that incorporated fryers and roasters.

Our gravimetric flavouring systems use a loss in weight set up to accurately measure product flow per second. This ensures that the exact percentage of seasoning is applied to the precise weight of the product flow, guaranteeing consistency across the line.

The Results

Thanks to consistent seasoning, the client now receives almost no customer complaints. They’ve consolidated their position as one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers of high quality snack products.

Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.