Optimisation of Space Through the Use of Spirals

The Challenge

Our client’s factory wasn’t large enough to accommodate multiple production processes, which made innovation and growth impossible.

The Objective

To rethink the use of existing space to allow for multiple processes to take place on the same site.

Because of the site’s remote location in the Far East, maintenance had to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Our Solution

We introduced eight spiral elevators at heights of up to 6,500 mm. This enabled the client to make better use of their existing space, installing a start-to-finish processing line with unprecedented levels of quality control.

We introduced a change-of-direction function to the configuration, which enables the client to access different processes at different times. This enhanced the flexibility of their processes and the effectiveness of their operation.

The Results

The client achieved world class hygiene standards with longer run times. They’re making better use of their space, so they’ve been able to innovate and grow without having to expand their premises.

The spiral elevators don’t cost much to run and they’re built to last., so our client can look forward to years of reliably excellent results.

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