Fully Flexible Mixing Line

The Situation

A leading frozen food company wanted a mixing line capable of mixing 10 different ingredients at 10 tonnes per hour, with an accuracy of +/- 1% over 24 hours, six days a week, for 50 weeks each year.

The Problem

This frozen food company relied on a labour intensive system involving processes that were prone to regular operator errors, with a high level of product wastage due to spoiling.

The Solution

We developed a fully-PLC controlled operating system that was specifically designed to reduce human error while ensuring accuracy in product feed. This singularly resolved all of the company’s long-standing issues, including wastage, inaccuracies, and the need for routine human intervention.

We introduced a brand new line featuring a tipper system on rails which fed 10 bunkers. We added one of our revolutionary ClusterBusters to ensure that the IQF product was effectively metered out on the load cells to a central collation conveyor.

The “accurate mix” is then fed through a mixing drum to either bulk store for future use, or else to the distribution system for immediate packaging.

The Results

The company invested £1 million in this project. And thanks to their increased throughput, they received a full return on their investment in just eight months.

The client continues to enjoy the benefits of a fully flexible mixing line, one capable of efficiently handling huge bulks of frozen fruit and vegetables.

Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.