Multihead Mixing Solutions

The Situation

We wanted to prove that using a vibratory system can maximise the accuracy of the product feed to the dispersion table of the multihead.

The Challenge

The food processing industry currently makes use of two dispersal systems – vibratory and belt.

The challenge was to demonstrate how improved production efficiency could be achieved through using a combination of a cross head feeder and a vibratory system.

The Solution

Our unique synchronisation system can calibrate the flow to ensure a smooth, constant, and precise delivery of the product to the weigher.

The synchronisation system enables the algorithm to be optimised to achieve the target weight, alleviating the feast or famine that’s long been associated with belt conveyors.

The Results

In our trials, both onsite and in the field, the vibratory system increased weigher accuracy by up to 15% when compared to either a belt or an inclined elevator system.

Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.