Offline Mixing Solution

The Situation

A major breakfast cereal business wanted to extend its range to include muesli.

The Problem

The client wanted fully flexible, highly accurate offline mixing systems that could be operated by four people, as opposed to 40.

The challenge was to ensure that were was consistency in the blend of high value ingredients of low ratio mix to maximise the company’s profit margins. The specification challenge was +/- 5% per ingredient.

The Solution

We designed offline mixing systems capable of blending up to 11 different ingredients, all operated through a smart and intuitive HMI screen.

So a production line that once required a small army to operate can now be efficiently managed by a team of four.

This menu-driven system makes it possible to produce the precise mixes of ingredients required for the various different breakfast cereals. It does so consistently, delivering a high quality product that nonetheless guarantees a good profit margin.

The Results

We really outdid ourselves on this one. The client requested an accuracy of +/- 5% per ingredient. Our system consistently achieves an accuracy of +/- 1%.

Based on product giveaway alone, the client received a full ROI four months ahead of schedule.


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