Perfect Alignment Laning System

The Situation

The UK’s largest processor of frozen, chilled, and fresh seafood wanted to be able to transfer their fish finger products directly from the production line to the box. We were tasked with building a bespoke new laning machine to line up fish fingers ready for packaging.

The Problem

For a long time, frozen food production lines have been notoriously inefficient. This company was using a hydraulic laning system to align their fish fingers. It was so inefficient that 12 operatives were needed just to keep the system primed.

This need for manual interventions resulted in high labour costs that compromised the quality of the product.

The Solution

Using the exact footprint of the existing line, we introduced a more efficient laning system that achieved the following:

  • Eliminated previous overfeeding issues
  • Removed double stacked products
  • Allowed incorrectly formed products to be removed from the line
  • Removed fines and particles from the product line

All of this enabled the operatives to add value to the product through focusing on quality assurance and inspection.

The nature of the continuous production process meant that, on occasions, bottle necking could occur in the packing operation, resulting in product wastage. So we introduced an emergency bypass mechanism to cold store the excess product. This could then be efficiently metered back into the production to ensure no flood or overfill.

The Results

Our perfect alignment laning system increased the company’s factory efficiency from 52% to 94%, while reducing spillage to nearly zero.

We helped the client to achieve full operation flexibility, enabling the manufacture, frying, and freezing processes to be operated at maximum efficiency at all times.

We remain the only manufacturers of high calibre laning systems in the UK.

Our food processing equipment is guaranteed to transform your business.