Boost ROI

Measuring ROI for every automation application is a science. With many companies out there promising the same thing, you can be assured that our ROI promise is backed by hard data. More specifically how an automated process or packing line will improve your bottom line and increase your long-term operating profits.

There are many variables to consider besides the price. Cox & Plant focus entirely on performance improvements, not just payback. And this conversation starts right at the beginning of your project to align your business strategy and budget to your targets for:

  • Increased production throughput
  • Product waste reductions
  • Wasted packaging
  • Quality assurance, leading to fewer returns
  • Resource overheads and reduced labour costs
  • Seasonal flexibility to meet peak demands
  • Handling more product variables
  • Equipment longevity
  • Maintenance savings
  • Fast Tooling changeover times
  • Flexible production shifts
  • Fewer processing bottlenecks

The essence of our business is value not price.

In a price-conscious world run by financials, every project is fully costed out and provides a solution for your production capacity, operational inefficiencies and other day to day running costs that impact production levels. Our aim is to work with you to produce a customised, realistic and quantifiable ROI (return on investment) report which will show you how many months it will take and where the savings will be achieved.

Most of our clients see a return on their investment within 12 months.