Can we convey and process pharmaceuticals?

Pharma tablets

Can we convey and process pharmaceuticals? Yes!

Pharma tablets

Our presence in the pharmaceuticals’ industry continues to grow by the oldest method in the book, word of mouth. Our machinery is all built to food grade requirements which are easy to thoroughly hygiene, so it lends itself to the pharmaceutical industry and working in clean environments.

In one case a market leader of cleaning products contacted Cox & Plant to assist with a new washday product. Cox and Plant have significant experience in new product innovation and developing bespoke systems for new processes.

They have many processing facilities however, none of these managed to achieve the correct results for their new product. In early trials, our customer used belt conveyors but found this had limitations.

The Cox & Plant system met all the requirements as well as significantly reducing dust generation, which is a common issue when producing powdered products. This was achieved via quick release clamping covers, which were further enhanced by the addition of flexible silicon airtight diaphragms. This had the added benefit of enabling operatives to work comfortably in a clean air environment.

Rigorous in-house trials were supervised by the customer and are now producing 1,000,000 washday tablets per week, which equates to 416,000,000 shirts being washed every year. This is achieved within a system that is also easy to hygiene and virtually maintenance-free.

Once again payback of this system equates to less than six months production and an expected life span of 25 years.