Active Inline Storage Accumveyor and Storeveyor.


We can provide surge protection by using in-line product storage between processing & packaging

Cox & Plant have the solution to keep lines running and have instant storage on demand. The storeveyor can provide surge protection for packaging by providing in-line storage of product between processing and packaging. Storeveyor systems will also provide off-line storage of product when the packaging lines are down, or a series of  Multihead weighers go offline.

Cox & Plant is a trusted name for inline storage, our principal aim with our value proposition is to deliver Return on Investment to address your KPI’s and all-important operational goals with resultant profit yields.

Scenarios requiring storage

Production exceeds the limits of the packing line

  • When there is a time frame difference between processing and packaging
  • Occasional time slots of a few minutes when product needs to be stored briefly
  • One part of the system exceeds the demand
  • Or if manufacturing can be completed in 1 shift and packed in 3 shifts
Storeveyors - Cox & Plant

All storeveyors are customised whether small 2m³ or large 100m³ we have the design expertise that counts, with unique options for your line methodology. Last In First Out (LIFO) systems keeps your product fresher whilst allowing the flexibility of packaging surge protection and temporary storage of product during unplanned packing line stoppages. Storeveyors have the ability to run First-in-first-out (FIFO) capability when storage time is a factor. All Cox and Plant FIFO systems have a variety of build options to suit from all belt conveyors to all vibratory conveyors. One thing they share the design essence is with  gentle handling of most food products.  Storeveyor designs are selected to meet the exact requirements of each application, no matter how simple or how complex your requirements of the process system are, ultimately C&P have the platinum product storage.

Additional options

  • Belt conveyor, vibratory multi gated conveyor, bucket conveyor multidrop configurations
  • Travelling vibratory or belt conveyors
  • Discharge configurations; in-line or right angle, conveyor belts or vibratory conveyor options
  • Gentle handling
  • Drop heights protected by falling of product onto product so damage is minimised

Business advantages of the Cox & Plant Store System

  • Maintain peak line efficiency by controlling product flow
  • Position the infeed distribution conveyor with Photo Electric Cells to regulate and control product drops accurately. The fill and discharge rates are then harmonised with the peaks and troughs of the product flow which in turn is synchronised to real time demand of the distribution system
  • Take advantage of accumulation systems that temporarily store product or keep it moving in a steady flow to and from processing and packaging areas
  • Dramatically improve full line efficiency
  • Manage output from high volume processing systems such as fryers / freezers / extruders / driers / formers until the time is right to deliver it to equipment downstream
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce product degradation caused by sudden unplanned stoppages upstream or slow-downs by providing a temporary place to hold product, rather than discarding it
  • Optimised sanitation
  • Handle the most delicate products with care
  • Provides temporary storage space
  • Suitable for loose, wrapped or packet materials
Bulk Storage System - Cox & Plant

Ideal applications

  • Potato chips / crisps
  • Hand cooked crisps
  • Tortilla chips
  • Delicate extruded foods
  • Crackers / wheat bread
  • Biscuits / cookies
  • Confectionary / candy
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