Breaking Up Food Clusters.

Frozen Fruit, Vegetables and Meat

This system effectively handles blocks of frozen products prior to processing into individual pieces

The Background:

Cluster Busters are a Cox & Plant innovation that solves one of the biggest challenges facing the frozen food industry: The ability to process individual products.

If you are looking to break up larger frozen blocks, please view the block breaker case study
If you are looking to break up granular blocks please view the powder and granular block separator case study.

The Challenge:

If you work in frozen food, you’ll understand how difficult it is to present a high quality product to your customers. The challenge lies in not just ensuring that all of your products receive the same standard of processing, but also in striving to attain the best possible presentation without compromising on your products’ integrity during the storage and shipping process.

In short – if your customer has to resort to hacking away at a jagged block of frozen peas; this is not the customer experience we are looking for.

Our Solution:

We developed the ClusterBuster. This highly efficient system is critical to the effective handling of clusters of frozen products prior to processing. It essentially breaks down frozen clusters of products into individual pieces, allowing for more accurate weighing and inspecting, and more effective downstream processing.

The Cluster Buster can be adapted to suit the needs of any product from any industry as the distance between spokes and the spoke design can be adjusted according to the required product size. They can be modified to include variable speed and tray design options. Numerous mounting possibilities are available, and they can be customised with a selection of inlet and outlet options.

The videos are for block breakers, cluster busters, and graders can be added to make sure all clusters are then processed into individual pieces.

Key benefits

  • Breaks up clusters of frozen produce
  • Rollers can be moved to adjust to different products
  • Roller speeds can be set independently
  • 2 buster units can be added to ensure individual product separation
  • Automatic safety stop when the guards are removed to ensure safety and dual emergency stop points
  • Grading conveyors can be added as the outfeed to remove any slithers or unwanted produce
  • Enables you to process individual products
  • Allows for accurate weighing and inspecting
  • More effective downstream processing
  • Provides a better customer experience and presentation
  • Completely customizable to suit your requirements

Adjustable Size Setting

All Cluster Buster drums are mounted on rails which allows the option to adjust the aperture to suit the requirements of your production line. For instance, if your SKU’s included frozen peas, frozen carrots, frozen sweetcorn and frozen onions you would require a Cluster Buster to separate these into IQF (Instant Quick Frozen) pieces, however when running floret products such as cauliflower and broccoli the Cluster Buster drums will need to elevated out of the product stream

The Cluster Buster can be adapted to suit the needs of any product from any industry. So whether you work with seafood, chicken, peas or raspberries, we can design and install a ClusterBuster that will revolutionise your production line.


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