Customised Grading Solutions.

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Frozen & Fresh

To take a number of grades of product through the flow process and capture them into the required output sizes, segregated and ready for that size to be either stored, frozen or transferred to end of line packing. The criteria for judging success was
a) flexibility to allow multi product application.
b) speed of change over.
c) ease of line clean hygiene.

The Challenge:

The challenge for this processor was to achieve seven different fractions of product size on one production stream and in one single pass.

Our Solution:

Our solution incorporated an upper deck for A grade product with lower decks to segregate B, C and D Grade product and a bottom deck to remove fines and particles.

Designated exit points ensured that no future integration occurred so there was no cross contamination of grades.

Should the retailers require different grades in the next season, the calibrator could be supplied with a set of change screens to suit those changed parameters.


A significant reduction in the processing time for the pea season from 11 to 9 weeks and return on investment within 1 season.