Distribution Systems for Multihead Weighers.


Cox & Plant is a trusted name for distribution and on-head or downstream seasoning systems

Multihead Weigher Information

Multihead weighers are known as combination scales or multi-head weighers utilising an algorithm of 4/5 different weigh heads to calculate precise measurements of products by calculating the weight in each weigh head to achieve the closest weight to the target weight.

We all appreciate how a multihead weigher works but what is not well documented is where many companies are literally ‘giving away money’ is by compromising on an ineffective belt infeed conveyor.

At C&P we talk about value and ROI (Return on Investment), our fastest ever ROI on a £1 million investment was only 18 days.

The process begins when the product is fed into the top of the multihead weigher, where a dispersal system, normally a vibrating or rotating top cone, distributes the product into a series of linear feed plates.

Distribution systems from 1 to 100 weighers

Cox & Plant is a trusted name for distribution and on-head or downstream seasoning, our principle aim with our value proposition is to deliver Return On Investment to address your KPI’s and all-important operational goals with resultant profit yields.

In our tried and tested examples we averagely save our customers around 6% per shift in unnecessary giveaway, by dosing the multihead weighers with product accurately and evenly from our Vibratory Cross Head Feeder Conveyors. They are calibrated through unique synchronisation software to ensure feed rates are adjusted automatically to prevent the hard stop/start as with a belt infeed that causes an avalanche of product to the multihead weighers resulting in the heads being overfed and underfed / typically in a 50/50 split at a 70% / 30% ratio.

This principle is continued with our industry-renowned distribution systems with our expertise in the design and manufacture of both gated and gateless distribution systems. Let Cox & Plant handle all your fragile products with care, evenly spread and delivered at speeds to mirror your line capacity.

Our innovative conveying systems are ideal for fragile products that could be damaged by conventional systems. Our synchronisation uses a unique and sophisticated drive system to safely transport and distribute friable materials simultaneously to any number of delivery points, without using gates.

The Cox & Plant brand ensures you have a relative distribution system[s] that’s a durable, maintenance-free conveying solution. Powerful, low to high volumes, yet concise product flow avoids wasteful product breakage, separation, or the loss of the coated flavourings.

Our electromagnetic conveyors are energy efficient, with minimal maintenance, eliminating the risk of empty multihead weighers weigh heads standing idle waiting for product.

Eradicate costly cleaning downtime because seasonings and product coatings do not build up on conveyor pans, with the vast array of options of tray finishes to suit your product range.

Meet the highest hygiene standards and perform easy cleaning with designs that incorporate critical hygienic principles.

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