Distribution Systems.


To ensure that products is inflight and feeds all of the weighers on demand with product that they require

The principle is simple in that it operates like a smart traffic light system keeping product moving with no spillage and all weighers satisfied with products to maximise line throughput. One of the most common mistakes in the industry is little importance to put on the line methodology however this is one of the most important aspects.

The Background:

Most high value CAP-X is a weigher and bag maker combination purchase, however time and time again we witness that the infeed to the downstream equipment is an afterthought. But in reality this is critical to the lines success. With Cox and Plant our tried and tested solutions have evolved over many decades to ensure that this is the best value CAP-X purchase that you will install in your factory.

The Challenge:

In todays every demanding consumer world, flavouring systems are moving away from the traditional dry seasoning to a combination of dry and slurry wet flavouring. Our systems are fully adaptable with a range of options including electrostatic that we have working in 6 of the 7
continents of the world.

Fast change over for optimum efficiency has been at the forefront of the Cox and Plant hygienic design. We would aim for our full flavouring system to be fully hygiened and available for the next seasoning within 22 minutes. This is ever more critical in a world where allergen awareness is front page news. Cox ad Plant has risen to this challenge and made this arduous task as simple as possible.

Our Solution:

We have flavouring systems, approaching 30 years old in some far-flung corners of the world including Syria and Ira which are virtually maintenance free. This is a testament to the Cox and Plant durability of our systems.

The Results:

Tried and tested from key accounts right through to family businesses our solutions will benefit your business.