Distribution Systems.


The main objective is to receive product from a single source and distribute to multiple discharge points

The Background:

Distribution systems and cross head feeders (CHF) are usually an afterthought, however, ROI can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks. The conveying equipment and the feed to the multihead weigher is critical for accurate weighments and minimum product giveaway. We can also address line priority resulting in zero downtime or starvation of product.

The Challenge:

The biggest challenge of a distribution system to ensure that there is no line starvation and all individual branches are consistently and constantly fed. This will ensure that all baggers and multihead weighers are running at optimum efficiency and productivity. Options include on the head flavouring for more bespoke specialist facilities where each individual line would require its own unique

Our Solution:

The line methodology logic from a design concept is similar to effective traffic management on a smart motorway. Product flows through the mainline distribution conveyors where each of the “junctions” can be called from the multihead weigher to deliver the product. This ensures no starvation and all the multihead’s are replenished on-demand with ready to pack products.

Customised options include pneumatic gate options (sliding, pivot and quadrant) where the product falls below onto the CHF. For lighter products such as cereals or snacks our gateless flow management system is ideal when height is a restrictive factor.

The reason that vibratory conveyors are ideal for distribution systems is that we can incorporate gates into the design which can be open and closed and controlled by product flow. They will divert any product to another processing stream or into storage at any point across the line.

The Results:

After 5 decades in business our systems are tried and proven throughout the world, we always recommend accumulation / buffer storage to act as a reservoir to ensure the line is primed with product and accommodates the voids and surges in batch processing. Our systems are supplied with PLC controlled HMI panels with security levels of entry to ensure not only do you maximise production, metrics and trends can also be analysed shift by shift and hour by hour.

Distribution System FaQs

What extra maintenance is required for machines with pneumatic gates?

There aren’t any particular maintenance tasks that we are aware of other than what will be detailed in your manual. Your handover will include any specific additions to your generic manuals. Please ensure the valves are properly shut off during the process of these preventative maintenance tasks.

How many pneumatic gates can be installed in a distribution system?

As many as you need, each ‘leg’ which would be to a multihead weigher has a gate to allow the mainline to deposit the necessary amount of product to keep the weigher satisfied.

Is there any other opening and closing option?

Cox & Plant customise the type of gate to parallel the needs of the variety of food sectors we operate within namely:

  • Flip or pivot gates
  • Flow Control gates
  • Gateless system
  • Manual By-Pass gate
  • Quadrant gate
  • Sliding
  • Trouser leg chute gates

Can the gates be controlled through logic?

All gates can be controlled by PLC programmes.

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