Feeding Fryers.

Snack Food

Delivering a metered product to the fryer to have the ultimate balance of in and out and an accurate fry time.

The Background:

By utilising a vibratory conveyor in a continuous frying set-up, it is essential that metered product is delivered to the fryer to have the ultimate balance of in and out and an accurate fry time. This is less essential in batch frying, however, to optimise efficiency a vibratory conveyor can deliver a regulated batch for the 3/4-minute fry cycle.

This is a harsh hot environment with airborne fat particles making it an unpleasant environment for operatives to work in, therefore the Cox and Plant system has been designed to have virtually zero operator intervention except via a remote HDI interface panel.

The Challenge:

Space is a premium in most food factory’s, so our systems are compact and efficient with a concise footprint to ensure that the fryers are always fed efficacy and optimised.

We ensure a grading deck to remove particles and slithers which are unsaleable to be prevented from entering the food stream and wasting packaging, seasoning and frying time. This is the added value benefit that your products are received by your customers in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Our Solution:

Variable speed, just in time delivery with the ability to act like a buffer store to ensure fryer is replenished with an adequate amount of required product.
The system is modular and can extended as more fryers are required, a fryer distribution system can be added allowing 1 main line feeding up to 20 fryers on demand.

The Results:

Whilst the fryer is the work horse and the main capital kit, without an efficient infeed system to keep the fryer always primed efficiencies can drop. This cannot be recuperated on lost production yields. Therefore the return on investment on this critical piece of infeed equipment can often be as low as a matter of weeks before the CAP-X is recovered.

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