Freezer Infeed and Outfeed.


We have the perfect solution to feed your freezers, ensuring a monolayer of the product prior to freezing.

Freezer Infeed

For the infeed into the freezer we can supply a 2-stage solution utilizing a vibratory unloading conveyor with a scarfed discharge and a vibratory inspection conveyor orientated at 90 degrees which then feeds into the freezer. This is our optimum solution for feeding products into spiral freezers and is proven to deliver return on investment typically with 8 – 16 weeks.

Vibratory Unloading Conveyor
  • You can generally use the system with 1 operator to load cutting down on staff costs
  • The conveyor features a step in the conveyor tray as well as a scarfed discharge to aid product separation and reduce the depth of product in the tray at the outfeed
Vibratory Inspection Conveyor
  • The Vibratory Inspection Conveyor has reject channels (they vibrate with the tray) along the length of the conveyor so operators don’t have to look away from the conveyor to throw away rejects – reduces the chance they miss anything and provides a higher quality product for your end customers.
  • Because of the vibrating action of the conveyor the product forms a monolayer when they infeed into the freezer – this means your produce freezes more evenly and it requires minimal operator intervention from your team.
  • Operators may inspect the product only during audits however our system gives you the flexibility to use this as and when required
  • We can supply with a “sharkstooth” surface for fresh meat

The value of having a higher quality product which is frozen more evenly has allowed our existing clients to generate additional business. It also allows you to have the flexibility to have multiple grades of product based on how stringently they are inspected.

In addition to this, as our system require less operatives from what is typically a very manual process which allows cost savings each year.

Freezer Outfeed

  • Fed by a conveyor from the freezer outfeed. We can supply several different options to suit your exact requirements
  • We can make these any size or width
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