Frozen Block Breaker.

Frozen Fruit, Vegetables and Meat

We have specially designed a block breaker to break frozen blocks of food apart

The Challenge:

There are often issues when it comes to food processing frozen food. One of the main issues we come across is when food frozen food has been stored and it has created a frozen block of product which cannot then be processed effectively. This is also the case when products are delivered to the factory which are pre-frozen, especially vegetable and meat pieces.

Pushing blocks of frozen produce down a production line could cause damage to machinery and take valuable processing time to get these blocks separated.

Our Solution:

We have specially designed a frozen block breaker for this issue. The frozen block of produce will pass through this piece of equipment and will be broken up into smaller blocks or individual pieces (product dependant) ready for the next stage of processing.

The impactor is easy to clean, compact and can be installed with a variety of different inlet and outlet options.

If you are looking for machinery that will process smaller clusters, then please view this case study on Cluster Busters.


As you can see from these videos, a sheet of frozen chicken parts was effectively broken up into individual pieces without any damage to the product. This significantly improved the production line efficiency as each chicken piece was then immediately ready for the next processing stage. As this was a manual process, there was also a cost-saving impact on the business.

As different products have different characteristics it is essential that we trial your product in our dedicated trials area in the UK. This will ensure that we can meet your needs before we go into the manufacturing cycle.