Grading Systems.


Our grading conveyors enable you to deliver a consistently excellent product to the market

The Background:

Sorts out your produce and removes out of specification sizes

  • Single, double, triple and quadruple decking so we can grade various different sizes on the same conveyor at the same time
  • There are minimum parts, so there’s less to replace. We don’t have belts, bearings, sliding parts or revolving parts
  • Can be sorted by size & shape as the apertures can be customised to your exact requirements
  • Deliver consistency across your products and achieve a rigorous standard of quality control
  • Automate your food sorting processes
  • Variable speed drive
  • Gentle but powerful handling

We can add a sampling tray to allow your line operatives to carry out easy quality assurance, even when the line is in operation. We can add de-watering and calibration functions. And if we place your system on a mezzanine floor, we can make use of gravity to increase the efficiency of your product flow.

You also have a choice of optional extras. For example, we can fit your system with a variety of automatic or manually operated gates. We can incorporate product diverters into the design, as well as flared infeed and bias discharge systems.

One of our key design features is our reliable quick release clamps which hold the screens in place. This feature allows operatives to quickly remove the screens if they need to change or clean them. We have a variety of different screens available including alignment, dewatering, grading by length or width and scalping. As we manufacture in our own factory we can also produce a single, double, triple and quadruple decking grader with these screens, so you can perform multiple functions in one operation.

triple deck Grading-Conveyor-image
Cuts Cleaning Costs

Our ambition is that all Cox and Plant vibratory conveyors and be fully hygiened and back in service within 22 minutes.

Soft Start Control

We have the ability to include a smooth start and stop on some of our vibratory conveyors. This very useful function helps prevent position disorientation and breakage of fragile products and reduces unnecessary cleaning, downtime, and loss of produce.

Local, Manual and Remote Settings

You can have the following start options on our conveyors

  • Local – where another piece equipment or process has control over the conveyor e.g. multihead weighers
  • Remote – where another medium has control over the conveyor. Possible sources of remote are:
    – 0-10V remote signal
    – 4-20 mA remote signal
    – Remote 10k potentiometer
    – Automatic flow control
  • Manual – will run the conveyor directly without the need for an external run signal
Food Grading Systems
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