Hygiene Incline Conveyors.

FlagUK Case Study


Eradicate all belt conveyors from the factory and replace with an easy to clean, hygienic, spillage free, quiet operation capable of non-stop production for 24 hours and 42 days.

The Challenge:

The factory layout was split over two buildings with different levels which meant that the transfer of materials utilising mesh belt elevators which were inefficient, problematic, costly to maintain in terms of labour and inventory and created spillage issues. Relocation of the lines was not feasible.

Our Solution:

A single 6500mm long stainless steel vibratory feeder conveyor with an incline of 18 degrees was installed to overcome the height differential between factories and to address the critical hygiene factor.  The interface between conveyors prevented spillage.   These conveyors typically operate at noise levels of 58 Db[a] alleviating the need for ear protection, making for a more pleasant working environment.


Outstanding improvement in operating efficiency. Payback within 8 months as a result of this success all 9 lines were then replaced.