Laning & Alignment Conveyors.


The beauty of this system is that it is a cost-effective way to alleviate log jams in a busy processing line

The Background:

The system is rear loaded in a disorderly state, but by utilising our 3-stage system of descrambling, aligning and laning we can put your products into a uniformed formation. This is essential if they need to be picked, you are using a place robot, a box or sleeve packing system, or using a regulated feed to further processing e.g. an enrober.

About Our Alignment & Lane Conveyors:

Customised options can be included e.g. fines removal, grading out of imperfect sizes and the system can even be accommodated if floor space is an issue at 90° angles. They can also elevate the issues of peaks and troughs across the production line.
All our systems are supplied with our unique Cox and Plant software and coil drives (the powerhouse of our conveyors) and are manufactured in-house to IP69 standards.
The versatility of the system can be from simply laning your product to a uniformed standard to aligning and creating spaces and gaps with a toffee product feeding a chocolate curtain enrober. To the other end of the spectrum where we have aligned almond slices to lie flat on top of sliced cakes with a full recovery system and payback of 12 weeks.

Our Solution:

Typically we have reduced man power from 12 operatives to 2, in most applications. The system is easy to hygiene with our smart clean engineered design, ensuring zero bug traps. We have several options for the laning dependant on whether the product is frozen or fresh and it’s handling characteristics. An example of this is frozen fish fingers which require sharks’ tooth plate, or fresh 12” saveloys that require rotating bobbins in order to not split the skins.

These systems are customised designs, as in our experience each product has its own unique handling characteristics. All of our systems can integrate with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) so we can provide you with full turnkey solutions.

Lane Conveyor - Cox & Plant
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