Mixing on Multihead Weighers.


We have extensive experience when it comes to mixing products on multihead weighers to guarantee a consistent


Opt for on-head mixing and using our unique synchronisation programme we can ensure that up to 10 different mixes (dependent on the size of the multihead) have an accurate feed at all times and a just in time regulated flow on demand.

The size of the multihead weigher only restricts the number of infeed streams. Typically our most popular on-head mixing solutions are 2, 3, 4 and 6 separate product infeed’s.

The majority of multihead OEM’s are capable of weighing and mixing up to 10 components simultaneously with typically up to 32 weigh heads. This makes them ideal for products such as mixed vegetables, mixed nuts, assortments of sweets, mueslis, ready meals, and anything else that requires different products in each pack.

Depending on the specification of the weigher chosen, you could be weighing packs at eye-watering speeds of up to 920 per minute. We can increase your profits by reducing your giveaway through our accurate infeed conveyors, ensuring ideal feeding and enhanced accuracy.

The vibratory cross head feeder conveyors are critical to ensure the weighers are optimally fed to ensure you have the desired accuracy and mix with fast speeds. The way the Cox & Plant synchronisation software works means no more products overfill and resultant giveaway. Equally important in today’s average weights legislation, there are no underweights either.

Extreme care must often be incorporated into the handling process to avoid damaging the products by scuffing/scratching/breaking. Our role is to ensure that the food stream arrives at the weigher in perfect condition.

In mixing application environments our cross head feeder conveyors are innovative and cater to individual-specific handling characteristics. Our software has been enhanced by numerous cutting-edge features, allowing Cox & Plant to handle a range of products in unique and often harsh production environments. Specific mix applications require an exact design of the multihead weigher, depending on its features.

To customise your end product to your precise specification, we can add additional features, such as sieving, fines removal, rounded edges to prevent sugar build-up, special contact surfaces, and a buffer hopper to ensure a ready supply of primed product at all times.

Alternatively, many clients prefer our offline mixing system with unrivalled accuracies achieved.