Offline Mixing Solution.


To supply a fully flexible, highly accurate menu driven system which could be operated with 4 operatives

The Challenge:

A breakfast cereal business wanted to extend its range to include muesli. The challenge was to ensure that there was consistency in the blend of high value ingredients of low ratio mix to assist in maximizing margin on the product mix. The specification challenge was +/- 5% per ingredient.

Our Solution:

We designed a system which would enable the company to blend up to 11 different ingredients. This was operated through a smart, easy to use HMI screen.

The menu driven system could produce the precise mixes required for the various breakfast cereals and the labyrinth of recipes required by the different supermarket chains.


Improved operational efficiencies that this system produced were outstanding with accuracies consistently achieved of +/- 1% well ahead of the target of +/- 5%.   The levels of accuracy were critical on the expensive ingredient components such as coconut, almonds and luxury sultanas.

A ROI was achieved 4 months ahead of schedule purely on product giveaway alone.