Offline Mixing.


Your main packing lines can continue to run whilst a batch mixing operation continues offline.

This allows stock to be built up for short-run SKUs which have been premixed saving time and energy and can be decanted straight into a repacking line. It also allows packing on the more basic multihead weighers and with accuracies as tight as +/- 1% been achieved by our clients. It is the ideal solution to remove short runs.

The Background:

Start of line solutions can be adapted to your exact requirements, from individual lift and tip units, to 1 tipper on a central rail to the most basic of fork lift truck loaded hoppers.

Hoppers can be varied in capacity to mirror the requirements of your line methodology. Nice to haves include grids to prevent block duping and aid IQF process, retractable double cluster busters which can be utilised on demand, product dependant. Manual, automatic or open style exit apertures can be designed to reflect the product flow characteristics.

This allows you to effectively plan production allowing for those last minutes SKU’s to be accommodated. Batch mixing also allows for full utilisation for your packing facility and this system allows intervention of the products before final packing.

This system also allows the flexibility to not only bulk off finished products, our systems can also be designed to incorporate online packing onto a single feed to a multihead weigher.

The Challenge:

The biggest challenge for Cox and Plant is the misconception that accuracy can only be achieved by a multihead weigher, but this is not always the case.
IQF / individual pieces are the secret to achieving accurate mixing results, we have various solutions to achieve this. The system can also incorporate quality control checks to ensure your product is presented to your end customer in its optimum form.


Our Solution:

This system is used across a wide range of industries from frozen food to pet food, to cereal through to salad. Streamlining of loading technique ensured that the line flow was accurate


Streamlining of loading technique ensured that the line flow was accurate, the Cox and Plant philosophy is simple but effective. VDU displays gave pictures of the vegetable required as a final check in later years this was updated to bar code scanning. This ensured that all bunkers are primed to prevent shortage which would result in line stoppages.


Retractable cluster busters which effectively breaks up product masses before a final check by the quality control stations

Quality Control

We installed quality control stations for manual inspection which is a favourite of supermarkets were located immediately after the hopper and metering conveyor. This enabled a final visual inspection prior to bunker delivery.


Our intelligent distribution system operates like a smart motorway, each bunker logic is programmed to receive only the relevant product. Avoiding manual human error to ensure mix accuracy is paramount.


After accurate load cell feeding nice to have include fines removal, double / triple / quadruple product, glazing of frozen products, flavouring of dry products all gently handled on an effortless low noise minimal intervention system.

The Results

In 2 of our case studies, based in Poland since installation they have respectively achieved a billion tonnes of mixed product.

One site produced accuracies of 0.008% and 0.0011% on the other site. The value of this solution in monetary terms was a 40% total cost an on the head mixing solution and the value proposition of this solution is accuracy which exceeds all expectations with line enhancements including clusters busters to achieve IQF, glazing rigs for heightened aesthetic appearance with an additional 6% value added through glazing.

The brand benefitted from the enhanced positive customer presentation that this mixing line gave them. The project delivered ROI within 26 weeks.

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