Powder and Granular Clump Separator.


Granular & powder products are often compressed during transportation and need to be broken apart

The Challenge:

Our client came to us with an issue, their granular and powder products were often compared during transportation and needed to back in the granular stage before they could process it. The product could not contain any clusters of any size and the process had to be quick and effective, as well as safe for their workforce.

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Our Solution:

We built a completely bespoke solution for them. Using a tubular conveyor design with rotating chains throughout the centre, this easily broke apart the product back into its original granular stage. The angles were calculated to the exact degree to make this piece of equipment the most efficient and to give perfect results.

With this system safety was paramount, we included an enclosed conveyor and automatic shut-off when access panels were opened or engaged with. As the main chute is a completely closed tube, there was no risk of particles becoming airborne.


Our machinery increased the line productivity substantially and made the downstream processing much more effective and efficient.

Because the product was complexly broken down, this meant that there was less wastage and rejected products, so the project delivered a quick return on investment.