Seasoning Systems – Volumetric Systems.

Snack Food

Our flavour systems & tumble drum guarantee consistency across your entire product range

The Background:

Through applying a fine, even curtain of seasoning, our flavour systems deliver an accurate and consistent flavour across your range. It does this in a gentle way that’s designed to prevent damage to your product. And because our machines are easy to access and clean, you can continue to deliver the best with a minimum of servicing.

Our Solution:

This system consists of the following:

a) Metering Screw Feeder
b) Scarfed Vibratory Feeder
c) Tumble Drum
d) Control Panel with feeder speed controls mounted on door front

Metering Screw Feeder

Designed to continuously meter flavour at a constant volume to high accuracies. The basic feeder consists of a unique tapered conditioning chamber, complete with a slow rotation agitator and variable control functions, which provides timed on /off settings, constant or intermittent operation, to suit the nature of the products being handled.

Flavour is directed into a variable speed metering screw, which runs completely and evenly filled and is linked to an electronic feedback drive ensuring accurate speed holding under all load conditions. Resulting in material being metered out at a constant volume of between ±1% to ±2%.

Scarfed Vibratory Conveyor

Designed to create a curtain of flavour within the tumble drum for the product to pass through.

Tumble Drum

Designed to gently tumble product

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