Vibratory Feeder.


Improved production efficiency can be achieved through the use of a vibratory feeders

The Challenge:

Two dispersal systems are currently in use in the industry: vibratory and belt conveyors. The challenge was to demonstrate how improved, production efficiency, can be achieved through the use of a vibratory feeder.

Our Solution:

Our unique ‘synchronisation’ system is able to calibrate the flow to ensure a smooth and constant delivery of product to the weigher, ensuring the precise delivery of product to the weigher.

This synchronisation system enables the algorithm to be optimised, which ideal weights been achieved by the selection of the 4 most accurate pool hoppers. Alleviating the feast or famine that is experienced when the infeed medium is a belt conveyor.

Maximising throughput while reducing product giveaway on multihead weighers by optimising the Cox & Plant Synchronisation software


Note. It is recommended that the 4-20 mA signal be electrically isolated from its source.

In the case of systems where the stroke control is connected to a remote 4-20mA control signal, the connections required are as follows: –

TB4 term 3 to the 0V side of the input signal.

TB4 term 6 to the 4-20mA side of the input signal.

Check that the option switches are set for 4-20mA operation





This should only be carried out once the conveyor operates correctly in local mode.

To calibrate remote stroke control signals after following the connection and set-up instructions above: –

  1. Turn on option switch one to put the unit into diagnostic display mode.
  2. Set the front panel toggle switch set to the remote setting and run the conveyor.
  3. With the remote source set to maximum adjust VR4 so that the calibration reading on the far right of the display reads ‘101’.
  4. Turn OFF option switch one.


In our on-site and field trials, the vibratory system increased the weigher accuracies to 93% with a vibratory cross head feeder straight discharge.

When a spigot [circular] discharge was trialled, we increased accuracy to 97.7% compared to conveyors, which returned a mean result of 79% across the various trails.

Our feeders have the following added benefits:

  1. Easy and quick to hygiene as we eliminate any bacteria traps and our control panels are IP69 rated
  2. Low cost of ownership as there are minimal parts, so there is less to spend on spares
  3. Quick ROI as we look to optimise your vibratory feeder to reduce product giveaway and with regular servicing they will last you for 20 years
  4. We reduce downtime as our machinery is built to last




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In our experience optimising the feed to a multihead weigher can lead to the fastest return on investment


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