There’s only so many times you can expand your premises before you start to eat into your overheads.

But at Cox & Plant, we can help you to make the most of your available space, enabling you to grow your operations without having to invest in new, bigger property.

How? By building vertically.

We have numerous systems, such as spiral and bucket elevators, watefall systems and the ingenious useof gravity that can split your operations across multiple levels. This means that even companies with serious space restrictions can benefit from the sort of complex, multi-stage processes that were previously only available to large multinationals. Yet what goes up must come down, so spreading your operations across multiple levels can be nerve-racking – especially if you’re working with delicate produce. That’s why we make a point of incorporating negligible drop-heights into even the most elaborate of our multi-level conveyor systems. This will dramatically reduce your fine generation, so you can deliver a much higher quality product to your customers.

Smaller footprints with no corresponding drop in quality? That’s the Cox & Plant way.

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