A Better Working Environment

A Cox & Plant conveyor systems can singularly deliver a better working environment for everyone – one that’s safer, cleaner, quieter, and healthier.

How? In a number of ways:

  • Less Noise – When running without a product, our systems typically have a running noise of 40 – 60 dBA – which is about the same volume as a normal conversation in a quiet room. Obviously different products will result in different running noise levels, but the vast majority of our systems run at about the same volume as a large office – worlds apart from the deafening industrial drones usually associated with production lines.
  • Less Dust – Dust is a common problem on production lines, particularly those that work with powdered products. But our vibratory conveyors, coupled with such systems as quick release clamping covers and flexible airtight diaphragms, significantly reduce dust generation, so your entire team can breathe easier.
  • Less Vibration – Our systems might vibrate, but touching them, you’d hardly know it. We have anti-vibration mounts that are capable of absorbing up to 99.7% of all transmitted vibrations. This will protect your operators from many on-the-job conditions, including white finger and Hand-Arm Vibration.
  • Less Harmful Bacteria – Made from stainless steel, our conveyor systems are much easier to clean, and much less likely to harbor harmful bacteria like e. coli, listeria, and salmonella.

Our bespoke systems deliver an overall more pleasant working environment for everyone, resulting in healthier and happier staff, and greatly reduced risks of litigious claims in the long-term.

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