So the longer your running times, the bigger your profits. Simple, right?

The problem is:

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  • Most conveyor systems use so much energy, and generate so much heat and friction, that it can be costly and dangerous to run them for extended periods.
  • Most conveyor systems are also shockingly inefficient. They’re prone to blockages, which results in regular downtime. Extended running times simply isn’t an option.
  • Finally, all conveyor systems require frequent maintenance and cleaning. But most conveyor systems are so difficult to clean, and so prone to breakdown, that maintenance and cleaning is an overly arduous process that can halt production in its tracks.

So while longer running times could make your business more successful, far too many companies out there are feeling let down by their equipment. But our equipment won’t let you down.

Our systems are specifically designed to deliver longer running times. We’ve identified the areas where most equipment lets you down, and devised ways to make things better.

So What Makes Our Equipment Better?

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  • Low Energy Usage – Because our systems require less energy to run, and because they generate less heat and friction, they can be run for hours without costing the Earth.
  • More Efficient Systems – Vibratory conveyors with precise stop/start systems are built to keep produce moving with no blockages and no starvation to be found anywhere on the production line. So not only can your lines run for longer, they can also run at their very best at all times.
  • Low Maintenance & Easy Cleaning – Built in stainless steel and with fewer moving parts, our systems can be routinely and efficiently cleaned and serviced with a minimal of disruption to your processes.[/list]

At Cox & Plant, we don’t design conveyor systems. We deliver solutions, and every solution is a bespoke innovation that’s been tailored to suit each clients’ unique requirements.

And best of all, we offer a turnkey installation – you only pay for what we do.

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