But Cox & Plant conveyors aren’t like most conveyor systems. They’re better, proven by design.

Standard conveyor systems use a system of belts and rollers to move items from one place to another. Not only do these systems require a lot of energy to run, they also generate lots of unnecessary heat and friction, resulting in an unbelievably inefficient process. Client after client we have consistently streamlined their operations and increaed process efficency dramaically.

But our innovative systems require significantly less energy to run. We use a combination of vibrations and gravity to move your items from one process to the next.

This results in:

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  • Reduced heat generation
  • Lower running costs
  • A smaller carbon footprint
  • A more streamlined and efficient process overall

At Cox & Plant, we don’t design conveyor systems. We deliver solutions, and every solution is a bespoke innovation that’s been tailored to suit each clients’ unique requirements.

And best of all, we offer a turnkey installation – you only pay for what we do.

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