Cluster Buster for individually separated product


Cluster Buster for individually separated product

One of the main challenges to the frozen food sector is the ability to deal with the processing of individual products i.e. IQF [Individual Quick Frozen] to ensure not only accurate apportion to the finished recipe but also to present the perfect pack for the end user when pouring directly from a frozen bag.

This unit is invaluable but is not a block buster to be used to break mass blocks but to ensure clusters are effectively dispersed!

We have designed a highly efficient ClusterBuster which is central to the effective handling of block frozen product prior to processing. It can be designed to process any combination of products from spinach through to raspberries.

Our machine breaks down blocks of product into individual pieces, so that you can weigh accurately and inspect effectively. Fast change of line using adjustable drums which ensure a move from small to large products minimising downtime.

Each machine is customised for your organisation’s use, you specify the product and throughput and we supply the ClusterBuster.


Our Design

Product dispersed onto the line in individual segments so that the line throughput is maximised. It is a low maintenance machine as a unique design ensures that the anti-jam mechanism ensures free-flowing product. It is fully guarded and interlocked so that the risk of injury is alleviated and the fully adjustable drums enable a quick and immediate product change or variable product control.

The product movement is facilitated with the stainless steel hoppers which allows for minimum product adhesion.

The Options We Can Offer

The units can be free standing or incorporated within the bulker hopper. These are easy and quick adjust which provide high level of versatility is processing different products of varying sizes. The ClusterBuster is manufactured from all stainless steel and supplied with a bead blast finish, facilitating lifetime free maintenance.