Customised laning machine for fish fingers

laning for fish fingers

Customised Laning Machine for Fish Fingers

Cox and Plant are the leading manufacturer of laning machines in the UK. One of the largest processor of frozen, chilled and fresh seafood in the United Kingdom contacted Cox and Plant to fulfil their need for a bespoke laning machine to line up fish fingers to enable them to be placed directly into boxes.


With multiple processing facilities, all in the UK, this was a new line as the company was going through an expansion of their factory. The laning machine had to be designed to cater for 3 sizes of fish finger with a throughput of 2 tonnes per hour.

In recent years Cox and Plant have witnessed an ever-increasing need for arrangement of product for ‘effort-less’ presentation to fryers, battering, dryers, freezers, enrobers and breading machines. Correct handling is essential to ensuring ‘A’ grade product is manufactured every time.

The Cox and Plant fish-finger laning machine at this site has also delivered the additional benefit of providing significantly better control of the feed system of the product into the boxes.