Yes, we have an experienced, passionate and knowledgeable troop of engineers who have worked on a wide range of solutions.

Though our design and project team, we have the provision to offer you a complete service from concept, design and manufacture of equipment, PDI line setup, to installation and on-going support.  Talk to us, we can advise and guide you every step of the way.

Our equipment will function perfectly in a whole spectrum of environments: from a hostile minus 50°C to an equally hostile + 50°C temperature.

We offer a package of Protection Plans which are tailored to your needs and where you are in the world.   From our central Midlands location, we are within easy reach of all parts of the UK.   For our global clients, we are always just a phone call away.

All our equipment is designed to maximize hygiene – from the materials we use to the functionality of the designs which allow easy cleaning access.  Our aim is to eliminate bug traps and minimise your cleaning down time.

In the food processing sector, we work with every industry.  The capability of our equipment extends to suitable use in pharmaceutical, tobacco, plastics, recycling and household products.

Production downtime in most manufacturing environments can be a real issue.  Our smart designs ensure a robust life, easy clean, optimum efficiency so that time spent on service and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

We know of several of our machines that are still in full production after 42 years of service.  We cannot guarantee that lifespan, but if properly serviced and maintained we would anticipate at least 20 years.

Running on empty, about the same as normal face to face conversation (60 dB).

In recent tests, we found that the average operating cost for one of our vibratory conveyors was approximately 14p per minute.

Want to know more?  Ask about our cost comparison!

On the dimension of price alone belts conveyors will always win over vibratory conveyors.  They are cheaper.  Fact!

However, we can demonstrate that on month 28 the two machines breakeven from which point the vibratory conveyor becomes significantly cheaper as inventory costs reduce to a minimum over the product lifespan.

Superior food hygiene, ultra-low noise and control of speed variability are some of the additional added advantages of vibratory machines compared with a belt conveyor which escalates in cost year on year.

The speed of return on your investment will vary considerably depending upon the configuration – in some cases this can be as little as 9 weeks but in most instances you will get payback typically within 6-12 months.

We have designed our operator interface with people in mind: we make sure that all our interfaces are user friendly, easy to operate and critically, easy to understand.

It is in the operating system that drives the interface where the magic happens!  This ensures you will get specific trend analysis and data to maximise up-time – delivering you additional profit that will justify this investment.

Yes, we would love to welcome you to our design and manufacture centre to trial your products.  We have over 15 test machines which can be geared to run with the full spectrum of food products and all the challenges that those bring.

dB (A)

Typical conveyor noise levels


Of machines built in 1973 are still operational


Conveyors built in the last 20 years


Hygiene guarantee


Of the world's continents has our equipment


Per hour! Is as little as it costs to run our vibratory conveyors


Efficiency on a multihead weigher. Synchronisation, not an issue!


Degrees incline can be achieved by our conveyors

Huge product conveying capability – ice to titanium; jelly beans to sausages!

Superb operational efficiency in harsh environments, -50°C to +50°C