Harmonised Workspace

Industrial Deafness

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss claims a thing of the past with Cox & Plant’s e-mag range

There has been a significant rise in marketing activity from firms of solicitors and claims management companies promoting a ‘no win no fee’ approach to claims for industrial deafness. “How much for Tinnitus?” “What’s my claim worth?” “Can I get compensation?” are all strap lines designed to draw potential claimants towards firms who will act on their behalf and guide them through the process of claiming.

@Coxandplant we take the issue of noise levels very seriously especially as our MD in a former life was a commercial underwriter of liability policies for Royal Insurance.

It is often the case that one successful NIHL claim will lead to others as the word spreads. A run of these on a claims experience will have an adverse effect on your business’s insurance premiums in the future.

And of course, Cox & Plants risk management will play a major part in preventing losses and showing as an employer in the food industry, when placed under scrutiny, as a business that takes its responsibility for the standard of care to its employees seriously.

Noise Ranges

30 dB

Soft Music, Whisper

40 dB

Noise in the average home

60 dB

Normal conversation

60 dB

Our conveyors

70 dB

Office Noise

75 dB

Vacuum cleaner

85 dB

Lawnmower, Alarm clock

85 dB

Levels after 85 dB are harmful

90 dB


100 dB


105 dB

Close helicopter

110 dB


125 dB

Sports crowd, Rock concert

130 dB

Car Racing

140 dB

Gun Shot

Key Facts


  • Less noise – a key value-added attribute: our vibratory systems have a running noise of just 55-60 Db(A) typically.
  • Remove dust – a range of solutions to manage or remove dust particles and fines in your product stream. With gentle but powerful handling our system doesn’t generate fines.
  • Less vibration – our anti-vibration mounts isolate and absorb up to 99.7% of all transmitted vibration.

Our approach is straightforward – we work with you and your engineers to ensure that we deal with and effectively manage all the areas where you want improvement and harmonisation of your workspace.