Harmonised Workspace

Key Facts


  • Less noise – a key value-added attribute: our vibratory systems have a running noise of just 55-60 Db(A) typically.
  • Remove dust – a range of solutions to manage or remove dust particles and fines in your product stream. With gentle but powerful handling our system doesn’t generate fines.
  • Less vibration – our anti-vibration mounts isolate and absorb up to 99.7% of all transmitted vibration.

Our approach is straightforward – we work with you and your engineers to ensure that we deal with and effectively manage all the areas where you want improvement and harmonisation of your workspace.

Our Products

We provide complete solutions to help you achieve your goals.


Metered control to optimise efficiency.


We can make our customised storage solutions.


World class processing solutions made easy.


Whatever the direction of travel we have got it covered.