How We Work

Cox and Plant office staff

How We Work

The ethos of our company is to exceed expectations and to promote positive relationships. It is our mission to see how things are done, how we are perceived and how we can improve our future performance.

In the current market place, with the UK entering into recession and COVID-19 still on our door steps  we have to be prepared for some tough times however, at Cox and Plant we believe we can weather the storm by offering our customers exactly what they want every time.

We have embraced video technology to enable us to communicate with our global customer base without having to leave our desks. We have not furloughed any staff during this period as food manufacturer is one of the key sectors for the UK. We have taken this time to really evaluate our business and adapt our offers and working methods to the requirements of our customers.

Our view has always been to work your hardest but work with enjoyment, better relationships and deliver the best possible product to market.