Cereal Processing

We appreciate processing cereals can be challenging. It requires carefully balancing a demanding set of ingredient input, mixing capabilities, flavouring, batch & buffer storage requirements with the sort of production line that has the flexibility to process varying volumes of produce.

Work with us, and we’ll design for you a customised cereal production line that combines a high throughput with the stringent quality assurance processes. We can integrate from the start of the line input to the end of the line. What’s more, because our machines are so efficient, we will enable you to vastly increase your yields without increasing your running costs. With our 5 year warranty and protection policy we can offer you complete peace of mind.

Our Solutions

We have multiple solutions which will boost your production line, specifically designed for the cereal sector and unique to your factory requirements. From grains through to packed goods we have a solution to meet your needs. We design, manufacture and install complete lines to move your cereal products through your factories – safely, efficiently, hygienically and in the large volumes. From 150kg per hour through to 15 tonnes, we have the range to suit your specifications.

Mixing Systems - Cox & Plant

Mixing Systems

Designed to reduce human error, ensure accuracy in product feed and totally resolve the issue of wastage, inaccuracies and the need for human intervention.

Inline Metal Detection - Cox & Plant

Inline Metal Detecting Systems

To accommodate wrap-around metal detectors we utilise a combination of polypropylene (under the metal detector) and stainless steel.

Bulk Bag Infeed - Cox & Plant

Bulk Bag Infeed

Suitable all types of storage requirements such as IBC, Tay bag, static hopper or silo. With our high-powered metering conveyor throughputs can range from 100kgs to 10 tonnes an hour.

Vibratory Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Vibratory Conveyors

Cleaner, quieter, and more efficient – vibratory conveyors are better in every way.

Storeveyors - Cox & Plant


A combination of a conveyor and a storage system. Customised to be all belt conveyors, all vibratory conveyors or a combination of both.

Grading Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Grading Conveyors

Suitable for fines removal and slithers, broken, oversized, undersized, different fractions or otherwise unsatisfactory produce grading.

Tumble Drums & Flavour Systems - Cox & Plant

Tumble Drums & Flavour Systems

Guaranteed accurate flavouring to protect your brand with concise, accurate and consistent flavouring, regardless of line throughput.

Multi Head Industry - Cox and Plant

Multihead Weighers

We can reduce your product giveaway and optimise running efficiency as well as minimising operative intervention.

Incline Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Incline Conveyors

Our incline conveyors remove spillages that belt elevators may incur. We can achieve an incline of up to 18 degrees.

Spiral Elevator - Cox and PlantSpiral Elevator - Cox and Plant

Spiral Elevators

Split your food production line across multiple levels with our vibratory spiral elevator or lowerator, save space and boost efficiency.

Cross Head Feeders - Cox and Plant

Crosshead Feeders

Cross head feeders ensure perfect produce distribution which prevents the classic feast or famine effect which is achieved by a belt conveyor.

Lift Tip Unit - Cox & Plant

Lift and Tip

Our solutions are all encompassing from 150kg barrel lifters all the way through to 1.5 tonne lift and tip units.

Our Solutions

Video Gallery

We’ve designed and delivered cutting-edge conveyor systems for some key players in the cereal industry.

Because it’s both granular and fragile, cereal can be quite a challenging product to work with. But with our bespoke solutions, we can help your business to:

  • Save space
  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce manpower
  • Increase running time
  • Boost ROI
  • Reduce health risks
  • Reduce heat generation
Cereal Processing - Muesli Dish - Cox & Plant

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