Whether you work with sweets, chocolate, cakes, or biscuits, we can design and build a solution to meet and exceed your every requirement.

There’s a reason why Cox & Plant are the trusted conveyor suppliers to the biggest names in confectionery: We don’t just provide machines. We provide solutions.

As well as helping your business to move, process, and store their confectionery products and raw materials, we can also help you to:

  • Save space
  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce manpower
  • Increase running time
  • Boost ROI
  • Reduce health risks
  • Reduce heat generation

Cox & Plant Confectionery & Sugar Handling

We have a range of products that are particularly suited for the confectionery industry, including:

Flavour Systems For cereal processing, including guaranteeing the accuracy and quality of flavours and delivering an even curtain of seasoning. Our flavour systems have the added benefit of being easy to access and easy to clean.

Lift and Tip Units Capable of lifting large bulks, these will greatly reduce the need for manual handling.

Cross Head Feeders Designed to boost efficiency and consistency through constantly distributing products into weighing machines, ensuring maximum throughput. Cross head feeder conveyors can be programmed to synchronise with multihead weighing systems to further streamline your processes.

Bucket Elevators An efficient confectionery handling system for when space is an issue. Through vertically integrating processes between different levels, these machines have much smaller footprints.

Screening Conveyors Enable you to sort your products without slowing production, while the ability to separate your good products from your broken or oversized products allows for in-line quality control.

Fines Removal – A further in-line quality control system that allows you to separate your good products from your broken or oversized products.

Distribution Conveyors – For controlling the product flow, using gates to move the product to wherever it’s required.

Laning Conveyors – For aligning your products, enabling swift and efficient sorting and packing.


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