Non Food & Pharmaceuticals

All our equipment can be used in the non-food & pharmaceutical industries as the requirements remain largely the same. Our equipment can be cleaned effectively, it is environmentally friendly and has a low noise level. Just as food processing has strict guidelines to adhere to, we can work in other industries to meet those specific requirements as well.

We have worked with rubber pellets, cement, carbon fibre, vitamins, nutritional products, men’s grooming, rubber mouldings, and even bottle tops. Get in touch with us to see if we can help you too.

Feeding CCW

Feeding Multihead Weighers

In our experience optimising the feed to a multihead weigher can lead to the fastest return on investment in the industries we work in. 12-16 weeks is the typical amount of time but we have achieved ROI in only 19 days.

distribution systems

Distribution Systems

The overall objective is to ensure that products is inflight and feeds all of the weighers on demand with product that they require. The principle is simple in that it operates like a smart traffic light system keeping product moving with no spillage and all weighers satisfied with products to maximise line throughput.


Grading, Sizing and Collaborating Conveyors

Our grading conveyors enable you to deliver a consistently excellent product to the market without ever having to interrupt the flow of your production line by delivering the exact size fractions your customers specify. We can sort up to 4 different sizes and factions on the same conveyor which saves you time and space.


Laning and Alignment Conveyors

The beauty of this system is that it is a cost-effective way to elevate log jams in a busy processing line

Vibratory Conveyor - 3D

Vibratory Conveyors

Vibratory conveyors are superior to standard conveyor belts as they are quieter, more compact, more efficient, and much easier to clean and service. They also have gentle handling and we have developed a contact surface specifically for the pet food sector.
Incline Conveyors - Cox & Plant


If you need to split your factory over multiple levels we have many different options to elevate and lower your products.

Spiral Elevators – can safely move your products to different levels without compromising their integrity

Bucket Elevators – make it possible to move your produce between different levels. And the conveyor systems have much smaller footprints

Swan Neck Conveyors – allow you to make the most of your available space without compromising on speed, efficiency, or safety

Mixing Systems – Bagged

Mixing Systems

Designed to reduce human error, ensure accuracy in the product feed, and totally resolve the issue of wastage, inaccuracies, and the need for human intervention.

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