Product Sector:

Fresh Poultry

Project Objective:

A cost effective solution, with a quick return on investment whilst focussing on hygiene improvements. The elimination of bacteria was a strict requirement.

The Challenge:

To investigate the use of alternative contact surfaces for the movement of fresh poultry. There are attendant hygiene problems associated with this product sector. The issues of poor hygiene; costly maintenance and the pyramid effect whereby the effect of a  mound being dumped onto the belt can be alleviated by the use of the serrated edge vibratory conveyor.

Our Solution:

By utilising a new stainless steel serrated finish, we were able to ensure the smooth conveying of fresh poultry. Risks to the product stream from campylobacter, e-coli, listeria were eradicated by the switch of traditional belt conveyors to vibratory conveyors.


Each production run could be swabbed to a zero-bug count, which was the number audit requirement. The serrated edge conveyors are very low maintenance, the monthly strip down and rebuild time was no longer required.

Finally, a solution that works for my production line.