Minimal Energy Usage

Energy Efficient

According to published figures, the average industrial electricity cost in the UK is 8.794p per KWH.

A typical vibratory conveyor, processing 2 TPH of product:

  •  Draws down 6.2Amps of a 240Volt supply
  •  This equates to 1488 watts or 1.488 Kw
  •  Using the UK rate from the electricity guide above (each European countries KWH rate is listed to make your model realistic)
    •  if electricity is 8.794p per KWH
    •  cost per hour would be 1.488 x 0.08794
    •  equals £0.1308 per hour of direct electricity cost!

We continually refine our range through extensive Research and Development and this process quantifies us in our assurance that our products vastly increases your return on investment.

Come to our test hub with your product and prove this for yourself.


Our mission is to ensure high levels of commitment to best environmental practices across our business by embracing ISO:14001 as a management standard.

We regularly check our commitment to maintain purchasing practices, of buying materials that can be re-used and recycled whenever practical.

Our vibratory conveyors are 99% recyclable: only the rubber from the anti-vibration mounts is not recycled and this is based on economics, as there is zero value in these components when they are life expired.

When equipment reaches the end of life, we will accept it free-of-charge when delivered to our re-cycling Hub in Stourbridge.

A re-cycling certificate, confirming your machine has been disposed of legally and environmentally correctly, will be issued for the justification of your asset register, if you can provide proof of ownership and the following conditions are met:

That the machine is:

  • Free from food production contamination.
  • It is complete and unbroken.


Metered control to optimise efficiency.


We can make our customised storage solutions.


World class processing solutions made easy.


Whatever the direction of travel we have got it covered.