• Sorting

    Make your systems more efficient through carefully controlling the flow of product through your line

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  • Storage

    We can design bespoke storage solutions to suit your unique food processing requirements

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  • Processing

    Our advanced solutions guarantee that your products won’t leave the production line before your exacting standards are met

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  • Conveying

    Our vibratory conveyor systems are cleaner, quieter, and more efficient than your current conveyor system

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Not sure which products would be best for you? You can view our full product range.

Maybe you work with fine granular produce like tea, coffee, sugar or detergent. Or maybe you work with something much bulkier, like potatoes or meat.¬†Perhaps your produce is fragile and easily bruised, or perhaps it’s notoriously difficult to process and package.

Well, whatever food processing challenges you’re facing, our innovative products will solve all your problems and make your produce ready for the market.

Even better, with our products you can run your production lines for cheaper and for longer. You can make the best possible use of your space, and achieve world class hygiene standards.

In short, a Cox & Plant food processing system will create a better working place for everyone.

We’ve got systems that can move your produce, sort your produce, store your produce, raise or lower your produce, and add value to your produce.

We have some specialist systems that effortlessly solve the unique problems faced by food manufacturers in certain industries, and control systems to help you streamline your processes and improve the overall efficiency of your production line.

We offer a complete turnkey solution, so let Cox & Plant revitalise your production line.

Work with us, and we’ll improve the quality of your products and make your business more profitable.

Finally, a solution that works for my production line.