Conveying Equipment

Our vibratory conveyor systems are cleaner, quieter, more hygienic and cheaper to run.

Think of them as the glue that holds everything else together. They’re the mainstay of any conveyor system, boosting the efficiency of your production line through moving your product from one process to another in a safe and controlled manner.

They are available with a soft start option and with local, manual and remote settings.

If you’re not sure which machinery is right for you, you can view our full product range

A selection of our solutions


Vibratory Conveyor

Cleaner, quieter, and more efficient than belt conveyors – vibratory conveyors are better in almost every way. They have an ultra-low-cost of ownership and world-class hygiene standards.


Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory Feeder make production lines more efficient and easier to control

Tubular Conveyor - Cox & Plant

Tubular Conveyors

Tubular conveyors are a simple yet supremely effective means of safely moving potentially-hazardous substances

Cross Head Feeders - Cox and Plant

Infeed Conveyors

With their rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities, infeed conveyors allow for the precise control and gentle handling of even the most delicate of your snack food products.

Transfer Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Transfer Conveyors

Transfer conveyors gently and quietly move your products from one stage of processing equipment to the next

rotary table

Rotary Tables

Rotary tables & packing stations customised to suit your requirements

Swan Neck Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Swan Neck Conveyors

Swan neck conveyors allow you to make the most of your available space without compromising on speed, efficiency, or safety

Lift Tip Unit - Cox & Plant

Lift and Tip

Our solutions are all-encompassing from 150kg barrel lifters all the way through to 1.5 tonne lift and tip units.

lift and tip unit

Rapid Speed Lifters

Our rapid speed lifters provide a useful alternative to spiral elevators and swan neck conveyors to quickly move produce from one level to the next

Incline Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Incline Conveyors

Our incline conveyors remove spillages that belt elevators may incur. We can achieve an incline of up to 18 degrees.

Belt Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors still have their place on an advanced food production line


Horizontal Motion Conveyors

A gentle way to transfer product without removing any coatings and keeping mixes in the same quantities

50Hz Conveyor

50 Hz Vibratory Conveyor

Our 50Hz conveyors are a cost-effective solution which is ideal for business start-ups

Bucket Elevator - Cox & Plant

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators make it possible to move your food produce between different levels on your production line