Tube & Tubular Conveyors

Key benefits:

  • Moves potentially-hazardous substances in a safe and efficient way
  • Fully enclosed design, which prevents dust release and spills
  • Prevents wastage
  • Easy to clean and hygiene
  • They can be manufactured to suit your space (inclined, at height, suspended etc.)
  • Our machinery can help you to achieve the product safety standards that the FSA and USDA require

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Tubular conveyors are designed to move hazardous products from one production point to another without any products becoming air bourne through a gentle handling process. They are for use in hazardous environments where the products are potentially explosive or harmful to operatives if inhaled.

Move your products safely

If you work with granular or powder products, a standard conveyor belt is not a viable option for you. If you throw something fine and powdery on a standard belt conveyor your products will become airborne. While this will result in a lot of wastage, your bigger concern will be the amount of fine materials that are now in the air which will become a health threat.

This will be a breathing hazard to your staff and the slightest spark could result in an explosion with certain products.

If you work with granular or powder products, you need tubular conveyors. They’re a simple yet supremely effective means of cleanly, safely, and efficiently moving potentially hazardous substances from one production point to the next.

Minimise waste while maximising profit

One of the main benefits for our conveyors is that they have a fully enclosed design, which prevents dust from becoming airborne. They allow you to convey bulk materials effectively and efficiently and every grain of every product will get to exactly where it needs to go.

Controlling dust in the manufacturing processes is essential in any workplace. Bulk materials with high or hazardous dust content need to be controlled using an enclosed conveyer. Our unique design incorporates a vibratory conveyor tube which has no seals as it is 1 complete piece, so there are no spills, the dust remains supressed and they are explosion resistant. Because nothing falls between the cracks, nothing is lost – so you can minimise waste while maximising profit as well as keeping your team safe from any airborne particles.

Designed Specifically For Your Business

They can be manufactured to suit your space so they can be installed at height, on platforms, suspended, under floors or inclined to make the best use of your factory space. With the option to include soft start then it is suitable for your delicate products.

We don’t just design machines. We design solutions. So we can build our tube conveyors to your exact requirements which are easy to use, low levels of maintenance, low energy consumption and great flexibility.

For more information about our tubular conveyors, or to request a quote for your business, call us now on +44 (0)1384 895 121.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any food grade solvents that can be used to help the cleaning process, particularly with products containing sugar?

Yes, there is a product available through our Life Cycle Services Team called Elephant Oil that is great for sticky product build-up. This product was designed for this purpose. Just make sure that you do not spray the product on while the machine is in motion.

Are there any special maintenance tasks for a dusty product such as porridge oats, flour, cake mixes?

There are no particularly special tasks. They should be the same on all machines however, keeping them clean could require a higher frequency of cleaning due to an increase of dust.

Is the tube a continuous piece?

It sure is, ensuring there are no crevices for bugs to hide in!

Is this available as an ATEX rated tubular conveyor?

ATEX is in high demand in many of the sectors we service, this is an additional bolt on package which is proven and will be certified.

What are the main benefits of using a tubular conveyor?

There is no leaching of dusty products / detergents or any easily airborne products.

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