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De-Oiling Conveyors - Cox & Plant

De-Oiling Conveyors

De-oiling conveyors are an essential part of the process after the fryer, where oil is often used to rapidly yet effectively cook an array of foods.

Glazing Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Glazing Conveyor

Glazing conveyors add that little something extra to your frozen produce by improving the appearance of deep frozen products.

Cluster Busters - Cox & Plant


ClusterBusters solve one of the biggest challenges facing the frozen food industry: The ability to process individual products.

Screening Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Screening Conveyors

With a screening conveyor, you can look forward to a much more rigorous standard of quality control that doesn’t interrupt the rest of your processes.

Tumble Drums & Flavour Systems - Cox & Plant

Tumble Drums & Flavour Systems

Guaranteed accurate flavouring to protect your brand.

Settling Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Settling Conveyors

Settling conveyors restore your products from a chaotic jumble into a neat and ordered flow.

Inline Metal Detection - Cox & Plant

Inline Metal Detecting Systems

To accommodate wrap-around metal detectors we utilise a combination of polypropylene (under the metal detector) and stainless steel.

Infeed Freezer - Cox & Plant

Dryer & Blancher Infeed and Outfeed

This process ensures that no product leaves the dryer with any significant moisture content which could be detrimental to the appearance and the shelf life of your finished product.

Waterfall Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Waterfall Conveyors

Waterfall conveyors are mainly found on food production lines to create an even spread of flavourings, seasonings, and toppings.


Stainless Steel Access Platforms and Gantries

As part of our project scope, we can supply and install any access platform or gantry. These are specifically designed to meet your requirements.

De-Oiling Conveyors - Cox & Plant

De-Fatting Conveyors

Some products will always carry surplus fat or residual oil, our defatting conveyor will allow you to recover the lost oils and provide a healthier product