Defatting Conveyors

De-Oiling Conveyors - Cox & Plant

Every deep-fried or oven-baked product will always carry an extra unrequited surplus of fat or residual oil. The Cox & Plant method for oil recovery has a proven track record over four decades for providing an effective, reliable way to regain any lost oils, which will give you an excellent return on your investment.

Your system is unique; our designs cater to all line capabilities with further customisation for the type of products you process. Our systems are cutting edge, exceeding even the most stringent hygiene requirements of modern process plants.

Defatter conveyor options include heated conveyor contact surfaces to ensure the solidification process doesn’t occur. This recovered by-product can then be reused in the baking or frying processes, reducing unnecessary reprocessing and manufacturing costs.

Not only is a healthier product created, but this process will also reduce your carbon footprint further.

Whilst widespread in the fried process industries, we also supply confectionary or candy manufacturers to remove unwanted starch from the primary food stream via effective grading and sieving.

All the Cox & Plant range benefits from our unique in-house designed and manufactured electromagnetic coil drives, which have won 3 separate UK government innovation awards for their durability, low energy requirements and long life. Our systems utilise natural frequency with a gentle but powerful trajectory using a low energy draw. 99.7% transmitted vibrations are isolated, and we have unrivalled low dB{A} readings for a more harmonious and pleasant environment to work in.

Options include:

  • Quick-release change screens for different products and different duties
  • Heated conveyor system underneath the conveyor to alleviate solidification of fats or oils
  • Multiple sieves for effective oil removal screens allow the oil droplets to fall through
  • It can be fitted with an oil collection tank and an optional pump to send the oil back to storage vessels