Glazing Conveyors

Key benefits:

  • Improve the appearance of dehydrated frozen products
  • Interchangeable stainless-steel wedge wire screens
  • Oils & flavourings can be incorporated
  • We can design bespoke spray systems
  • Vastly prolonging the products’ freezer and display life
  • Makes handling your food products easier
  • Our machinery can help you to achieve the product safety standards that the FSA and USDA require
Glazing Conveyor

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  • Improves the appearance of deep-frozen products
  • Oils & flavourings can be incorporated into the glazing process
  • Increase your yield by the % glaze
  • Improve the appearance of your frozen produce
  • Reduce the risk of frost damage
  • Increases freezer life span
  • Overhead and underside spray system options
  • Interchangeable spray tips & shut off valves
  • Interchangeable stainless-steel dewatering screens to remove any excess water from the production flow
  • Quick release design for ease of change over and hygiene
  • Full flexibility to select one of 10 possible glazing options
  • Finish of contact surfaces: smooth/natural finish/bead blasted/rigidised/dimple plate or electropolished
  • Numerous mounting possibilities are available
  • Selection of inlet and outlet options
  • Can be adapted to suit the needs of any product from any industry
  • The system can either be manual shut off, or automated.
  • The amount of spray can be also controlled by either adjusting the hand operated valve and/or the type of nozzles fitted to the spray bars which distribute the liquid onto the product stream.
  • The room temperature requirement is from +5°C in order to prevent the ice build-up
  • The glazing conveyor would feed a hardening off conveyor, which can also have the dual use of been a QA inspection conveyor, providing it is 3000mm in length which is necessary to allow the flash off of water on the –18°C product.
  • We design and build in all shapes and to feed the rest of the line of process and packing lines
  • Custom designed to suit customer product requirements
  • Stainless steel construction, fully welded to the highest standards and can be built in a range of different surfaces 
  • Low maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
  • Industry standard proven control system
  • Low energy use for improved environmental efficiency
  • Robust construction to stand up to busy manufacturing environments
  • Cost effective
  • Our machinery is industry proven, reputation is everything, with the best materials, the highest hygienic standards, rules and regulations
  • Rapid and frequent stop/start capabilities

Add value to your finished product

Glazing conveyors provide that essential finishing touch to any frozen food facility, so you can add value to your finished product.

Add some glazing conveyors to your production line and you can treat your customers to a truly premium product, by improving the appearance of deep frozen products, which may have suffered dehydration during cold storage.

The glazing system consists of 1-off vibratory glazing conveyor fitted with a spray rig to coat the product and 1-off vibratory hardening off conveyor for enabling the spray to adhere to the product. The glazing spray rig sprays water or oil onto the product stream, the product can be sprayed on the top and/or bottom.

Oils & flavourings can be incorporated into the glazing process. For example, adding a 10% glaze to frozen vegetables will improve their visible appearance while vastly prolonging the products’ freezer and display life. By adding a glaze to your frozen produce this will make handling your food products easier and more efficient.

They consist of an overhead spray system with interchangeable spray tips & shut off valves. The glazing conveyor incorporates interchangeable stainless steel wedge wire screens which allows the operator to hygiene efficiently.

We’ve installed glazing conveyors for some of the biggest names in various food industries. We specialise in designing bespoke spray systems to suit each specific item on the production line.

Line methodology

In normal circumstances the Glazer would feed a hardening off Vibratory Conveyor or Belt Conveyor of approx. 3000mm in length to allow the hardening off of the product and prevent any carryover of water. Providing the following conditions are provided :-

  • Only a small amount water is being spraying on
  • The ambient temperature of the room is low
  • The glaze water temp. is a maximum of 5 C degrees
  • The product is at – (minus) 18 C degrees
  • The product is not being bulked off

Then the hardening off conveyor may dispensed with.

Guaranteed to make your business better

We provide so much more than conveyor equipment. What we’re offering is a comprehensive solution that’s guaranteed to make your business better.

Our expert engineers can design a bespoke solution for any situation. Just tell us what we need and we’ll show you what we can do.

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